About us

“Where can I try this?” This question we asked ourselves as design enthusiasts again and again. Design objects for your home you just want to try and touch before purchasing. However getting the information wasn´t easy. Email requests took days and often contained no precise information. Calling wasn´t always possible due to opening hours. As we spoke to leading interior design boutiques, we learned that there was also a need on their side to give consumers access to what was available to try and touch in the showroom. That´s why we connect consumers with leading interior design boutiques on Innsides. Our platform allows you to discover the current showrooms objects of interior design boutiques near your location.

We also discovered more: a great interior design boutique has a lot more to offer than one might think. A professional consultation and execution transforms your experience and elevates your living standard. It is a bit like wine – once you realize how wine can actually taste, a new dimension of quality of life opens up.

We set ourselves the task of making the world´s best interior design boutiques easily accessible for you under one roof.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with our offer and of course with excellent, fulfilling living.